10 items that are never worth buying at costco

1. Electronics: While Costco offers electronics, you might find better deals, selection, and warranties at dedicated electronics stores or online retailers.

2. Perishable Goods in Bulk: Buying large quantities of fresh produce or dairy may lead to waste unless you have a large family or can consume them quickly.

3. Small Appliances: Costco may have limited options, and you might find better prices and models elsewhere during sales events.

4. Brand-Name Clothing: The clothing selection can be limited and may not offer the latest fashion trends or the best deals.

5. Jewelry: Prices may not be competitive, and specialized jewelry stores often provide better quality and selection.

6. Books: Bookstores, both physical and online, often have a wider selection and better prices, especially for new releases.

7. Generic Medications: Warehouse stores might not always offer the lowest prices on generic drugs compared to pharmacies and discount chains.

8. Tires: While Costco offers tire services, competitive deals can be found at local tire shops or online retailers.

9. Generic Cleaning Supplies: Some warehouse deals may not be as cost-effective as buying store brands or using coupons at regular retailers.

10. Prepared Foods: While convenient, the price per serving for pre-made meals or deli items can be higher than cooking at home or dining out at certain restaurants.

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